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Price ranges are displayed below and prices can be obtained upon request by using the Contacts page.  Payment via PayPal is preferred but other arrangements can be made.  If you have any questions or need to see more pictures, i.e. signatures, verso, etc., please use the Contacts page.  Thank you.


Fine Art:

Under $5,000:

All Etchings, Engravings & Photogravures

Ben Abril

Bill Anthony

Deborah Barrett 

Henry Botkin

Nathaniel C. Burwash

Eleanor Parke Custis

Julius Delbos

Fritz Zerritsch

Charles Durward                      

Alfred Russel Fuller

Jose Maria Jardines 

Harold A. Laynor

William McBride, Jr. (Africans) 

John McColvin 

Addison Thomas Millar

Lida Moser 

Kimon Nicolaides

Paul W. Niemiec Jr.

Jiro Osuga

David Abbey Paige

William H. Partridge

Robert O. Preusser

Kempert Quabius

M. Rinaldi

Victor Roman

Bill Ross

Walter Sanford (Kerns)    

Henry Knox Smith

Igor Snegur 

Alvin G. Stupe

Dimitris Tiniakos

Annette Shevelson Troxel

Nathan Wasserberger

George William Whitaker  

Eugene B. White  

Vera Wise   

Under $10,000:

John E. Costigan      

William Frederick Fett

Arthur Fillon

J.P. Von Hohenbrugg   

Alexander Raymond Katz  

Gustav Likan (Cowboy)

Gustav Likan (Flower)   

Michael Meyer Marmelstein

William McBride, Jr.

Maher Naguib Morcos

Victor Emile Prouve

Walter Sanford  (Bullfight)

Rolph Scarlett

David Tutwiler

Edna Walling Vognild


Under $20,000:

Sir George Beaumont

Laszlo Bornemisza

Hendricus Jacobus (Hein) Burgers

Ernest Garthwaite

James Jeffrey Grant

Morris Kantor

Mary Aubrey Keating

Helene Perdriat

Austin Montgomery Purvis, Jr.

Guillaume Georges Roger

Walter Sanford  (Air View #1)

Walter Sanford  (Air View #2)

Rolph Scarlett (American Flag)

George Melville Smith  


Upon Request:

18th Century Master


Dada German Expressionist “Degenerate Art”

Ernst A Fischer-Coerlin

Style of Sebastiano Conca

E.E. Cummings

Jeff Donaldson

Peter Fendi 

Hermine Ford

George Fuller  

Edward T. Grigware      

Emile Levy 

George Benjamin Luks

Johannes Oertel   

William Steene              

Albert Theer