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An original 1933 sketch by Dorothea Loewenstein-Zittenfield (1907 – 2001) measuring approximately 5 5/8 x 13 1/8 visible inches behind glass in a frame measuring approximately 12 3/8 x 18 inches. Last origin Chicago IL.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington DC curates one of her works. Loewenstein attended the Art Institute of Chicago and was part of the 1928 annual exhibition. A 1928 University of Chicago graduate, her alma mater noted, “After a career as a dress designer, Dorothea Loewenstein-Zittenfield, PhB’28, has lived in Los Angeles since 1955. She is very active in many undertakings.” Also as of 1998, they noted, “The Class of 1928 celebrates its 70th reunion on June 5­7, 1998. Dorothea Lowenstein Zittenfield, PhB 28, celebrated her 90th birthday in July by going to work as usual. She works part time at the Music Center of Los Angeles.” She was married to Leo Zittenfield.