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Ink on Thick Paper
10 3/8 x 8 inches
Northeast Origin

Mid century drawings by a Virginia artist recently featured during the 2019 Outsider Arts Fair in New York city. A talented illustrator who positioned women in risque poses at home, in the office, and in other settings such as a restaurant or a bus. A small article from arsty.net appears below.

6 Inspiring Outsider Artists You Should Know

Scott Indrisek, Jan 18, 2019

Bill Anthony
Joshua Lowenfels Works of Art

“He’s an up-skirt guy,” joked the gallery’s Kevin Duffy, reflecting on a series of ink drawings from the 1930s by Bill Anthony. Categorized as a series of portraits of “Fetish Chicks,” the works depict various anonymous women caught in the act of retrieving money from the floor. Sure, there’s something disturbing and borderline stalkerish about such a niche fixation, but Anthony’s fine draftsmanship adds a gentle touch to what might otherwise be plain creepy. There isn’t much known about the Virginia-born artist’s personal life. Gallery owner Joshua Lowenfels posits that he worked at a television station, and identified as a “self-proclaimed illustrator” with “a certain fetish for women dropping something in a tight spot.”