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Oil on Canvas or Canvas Board
5 1/8 x 6 5/8 inches unframed
9 3/8 x 10 7/8 inches original frame
Signed lower left AC Dunn
Double Painting with en verso Landscape with Tree in foreground
En verso contains Alan Cantwell Dunn business card with 418 W 144th St City of NY address with title “in the Connecticut Hills” and $65 and P-103 inventory code; other graphite on frame
Very good condition.
New Hampshire last origin

Alan Dunn (1900–1974) was a cartoonist known for his work in The New Yorker. He also had architectural expertise and submitted work to Architectural Record. He was married to fellow cartoonist Mary Petty.

Dunn studied at Columbia University, the National Academy of Design and the American Academy in Rome.[1]

He eventually became The New Yorker’s most prolific illustrator, creating nine covers and nearly 2000 cartoons over 47 years.[1]

A cartoon of his is credited with inspiring the Fermi Paradox.[1]

Dunn and Petty donated their papers to Syracuse University.


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